• As a common plant, why seabuckthorn extract is so popular?

As a common plant, why seabuckthorn extract is so popular?

Seabuckthorn generally grows in dry, cold mountainous areas. Seabuckthorn is a multifunctional plant with good ecological, medical and economic values. Seabuckthorn extract contains 206 kinds of active substances that are beneficial to the human body, including 46 kinds of biologically active substances, including a large amount of vitamin C, vitamin A, flavonoids, etc., which have special pharmacological properties such as anti-fatigue, enhancing body vitality and anti-cancer. Various health functions. In recent years, seabuckthorn extract has become more and more popular.

What is the effect of seabuckthorn extract?

1. Anti-aging

Seabuckthorn extract contains a lot of active ingredients of vitamin C, vitamin A, brass, and SOD, which can effectively prevent free radicals to achieve anti-aging, whitening and skincare effects.

2. Repair cells

The SOD content of seabuckthorn fruit is 6 times that of ginseng. It can block free radicals generated by the peroxidation of substances in the skin, prevent premature aging of the skin, repair damaged cells and tissues, and promote tissue regeneration and epithelial tissue healing.

3. Moisturizing

Seabuckthorn essence can quickly penetrate the skin, super hydrating, its hydrating effect is as much as 6 times that of other ordinary products.

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