• Ginger extract has been shown to eliminate senescent cells

Ginger extract has been shown to eliminate senescent cells

In animals, many zombie-like cells that stop growing with age are called "senescent cells". Several experiments have shown that eliminating senescent cells can increase healthspan and slow the development of aging traits associated with dysfunction.

Because inflammation is a hallmark of aging, in this experiment the researchers tested four plant extracts known to have anti-inflammatory effects: ginger extract, senolytics, dasatinib, and quercetin. Experiments show that ginger extract capsules—zingerone A has higher selectivity in eliminating senescent cells. The study was published on March 29, 2022, in the journal PLoS One.

In addition to eliminating senescent cells, what other effects does ginger extract gingerol have?

1. Increase appetite

Because ginger extract contains gingerol, gingerol, etc., which can relieve fatigue and increase appetite.

2. Can be used to treat colitis

Ginger root extract can play the role of some antibiotics, especially effective against Salmonella.

Recently, researchers at Michigan Medicine University in the United States found that taking ginger extract has a certain therapeutic effect on colitis.

The researchers divided 60 colitis patients into two groups, one group took capsules containing ginger extract, and the other group took a placebo, and evaluated the therapeutic effect by analyzing their intestinal juices. The results showed that compared with patients taking placebo, patients taking ginger extract had a certain downward trend in colitis-related indicators.

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