• Milk Thistle Extract - Silymarin

How does milk thistle extract protect the liver?

Milk thistle belongs to a species of Compositae and is known as a "liver protector". 

Why is milk thistle said to protect the liver? Silybum marianum itself is an excellent liver-protecting plant. A large number of flavonoids can be extracted from the ripe fruit of Silybum marianum. The main components of milk thistle extract include silybin, silymarin, and silymarin. etc., collectively referred to as silymarin. Pharmacological experiments have shown that silymarin can stabilize and protect liver cell membranes, improve liver function, and prevent liver damage.

Milk Thistle Extract - Silymarin

All in all, first, milk thistle extract, silymarin, can maintain the fluidity of cell membranes and protect liver cell membranes by resisting lipid peroxidation.

Second, it can promote the synthesis of enzymes and structural proteins, and indirectly promote the synthesis of cellular DNA, which is beneficial to the repair and regeneration of liver cells.

Third, it can suppress its triggering of the liver fibrosis process by alleviating its mediated hepatocyte damage and liver tissue inflammation.

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