• How to choose high quality rhodiola rosea

How to choose high quality rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola rhizomes are generally cylindrical, thick and short, slightly curved, brown or brown epidermis, rough and wrinkled, peeling the skin has a layer of membranous yellow epidermis and pink pattern, section pink or purplish red, there is a ring grain, light weight, loose.

Rhodiola rosea is mainly identified by its taproot cylindrical, thick and short, section orange red or purplish red, sometimes with cracks. The smell is fragrant, slightly bitter taste, sweet after taste.

High quality rhodiola rosea identification:

Appearance: high quality rhodiola is very red in sunlight.

Feeling: generally low altitude rhodiola is hard in texture, while xizang wild rhodiola is soft in texture, so it is the best choice for making wine and tea.

Weight: rhodiola at lower elevations is heavier, while wild Rhodiola in Tibet is lighter due to its low density.

Aroma: high quality rhodiola rosea, generally strong fragrance, while general quality rhodiola rosea is light.

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