• How to develop eahlthy eating habits?

How to develop eahlthy eating habits?

Eat well in the morning, eat less in the evening. This is the life concept of the vast majority of people today. But to eat healthily, you must have healthy eating habits.

Chew slowly: Not only does this help with saliva production, which aids digestion, but it also reduces the burden on the stomach.

Eat heat food

Chinese medicine believes that the stomach likes heat and hates cold, and could easily hurt the spleen and stomach. Consuming raw and cold foods and fruits in moderation should be beneficial to the digestion and absorption of the stomach; otherwise, it will cause abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and other symptoms.

Eat less

In the daily diet, avoid overeating, and eat in moderation. 

Eat soft food

Hard food is difficult to digest, especially for the elderly and the weak.

Eat a bland diet

Moderate diet, eat more bland food, less salt, and less sugar, it is good for health.

Eat vegetable

Eating vegetables and soy products often are good for health, not easy to gain weight, and can also supplement various nutrients.

Sit and eat quietly

Sitting and eating is very good for your health. Eat quietly to prevent choking.

Eating habits have a great impact on human health, and good eating habits are important measures to ensure health.

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