Codonopsis Root extract--High Quality 4: 1~20: 1 Powder

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1) product description:

Codonopsis Pilosula is used frequently in Chinese medicine to improve the function of the lungs and the spleen. It is thought to revive the entire body as a whole. In the lab, codonopsis has been shown to increase hemoglobin in the blood and increase the red cell blood count. It also has been shown to lower blood pressure and increase endurance to stress. Codonopsis is similar to ginseng, but it isn't as strong and doesn't last as long. That makes it a good choice for people who are too sensitive to ginseng. 

Product Name

Codonopsis Root extract

Botanical Source

Codonopsis pilosula (Franch.) Nannf.

Part of Used

Root100% Natural

Specification we can supply

4:1 TLC5:1 TLC



2) Function:

1. Anti-fatigue effect;
2. Improve human hypoxia;
3. Radioprotective properties of human body;
4. Improve the body's immune adjustment ability;
5. Improve people's memory;
6. Protect the function of gastric mucosa.



(1). Applied in health product field, codonopsis female honey is highly popular health food;
(2). Applied in pharmaceutical field, as raw materials can be made into various forms of pharmaceutical products, there are capsule, oral liquid, tablet, etc;
(3). Applied in cosmetic field, codonopsis perfume, lotion, moisturizer and other come on the emerging market.

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