Sodium carbonate peroxide

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1. Product Description


Sodium percarbonate is an addition salt of hydrogen peroxide. Sodium percarbonate is used as an oxidizing agent and environmentally friendly bleaching agent. It is used as a laboratory source of anhydrous hydrogen peroxide. It is utilized for the preparation of optically active 4-hydroxy-2-isoxazolines. It is widely used in detergent formulations and cleaning products such as carpet cleaner, textile bleach, denture cleaners, pulp and paper bleaching processes. 
It is also used as a hard filth removing agent in electroplating, waste water treatment agent and polymerization control agent. Further, it finds application in furniture polish and cleaners and personal care formulations. In addition to this, it is used in the preparation of trimethyl cyclopentenyl acetaldehyde and epoxydihydrolinalool.

Product Name

Sodium carbonate peroxide




99% HPLC


White powder


2. Function & Application


1) Widely used in detergents aids or in bleaching agents;

2) As bleaching agent, dyeing & finish agent in textiles industry;

3) As bleaching agent of pulp in paper-making industry;

4) As disinfectant of dishware or in the surface treatment of metals;

5) In food additives, can prolong the shelf life of fruit.

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