Magnesium Taurinate

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1. Product Description

Magnesium taurate is a combination of the mineral magnesium and the amino acid derivative taurine. Because magnesium and taurine can help with the same types of disorders, they are often combined in one pill. Some doctors use magnesium taurate to treat magnesium deficiency over other forms of magnesium because of the effectiveness of the two elements together. Magnesium is amineral needed by every cell of your body to help maintain normal cardiovascular, muscle, nerve, bone, and cellular function. It is imperative for heart health and normal blood pressure.


Product Name

Magnesium Taurinate




99% HPLC

20% Magnesium


White Powder


2. Function & Application

1) The combination of magnesium and taurate can be especially beneficial in preventing cardiovascular problems.

2) Magnesium taurate also may help prevent migraines.

3) Magnesium Taurate may help improve overall cognitive function and memory.

4) Magnesium and Taurate may improve insuli n sensitivity, as well as minimize the risk for micro and macrovascular complications of diabetes.

5) Studies have shown that Magnesium may help with symptoms including: depression, menstrual pain, irritability, and bloating.

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