Calcium Caseinate

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1)Product Description

Calcium caseinate is a kind of high-quality milk protein product, it is refined by a scientific method using fresh Yak milk as raw material, it can offer not only rich calcium, but essential amino acid to body, in particular, it functions as supplier of both calcium and protein.

Calcium Caseinate is a sort of pure natural nutrition enhancer which is extracted from milk casein by Hi-tech technology. It is a sort of quality ingredient of milk protein, Calcium Caseinate not only supplies the necessary amino acids for human bodies but also reinforces the absorption of calcium inside human bodies.

Thus, Calcium Caseinate doubles the function of calcium and protein supplement. Calcium Caseinate acts as a calcium nutrition additive and protein supplement in health-care products and pharmaceutical industries.

Product Name

Calcium Caseinate






Milk White


2) Function& Application

Calcium Caseinate is the calcium salt of casein. properties include low viscosity, settling out of water, opaqueness, no heat stability, and chalky texture. it contains the range of essential amino acids present in sodium caseinate but has a higher concentration of cal- cium. it is useful in applications requiring low absorption proper- ties. it is used as a protein source in imitation cheese, and in special diet foods to replace sodium caseinate where sodium must be restricted. it is used to improve the whipping properties of vegetable whipped toppings, and as a binder, see caseinates.

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