Iron Fumarate

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1)Product Description


Iron Fumarate, is the iron salt of fumaric acid, occurring as a reddish-orange powder, used to supplement iron intake. It has the chemical formula C4H2FeO4. Pure ferrous fumarate has an iron content of 32.87%, therefore one tablet of 300mg iron fumarate will contain 98.0mg of iron (548% dail value based on 18m RDI).

Ferrous fumarate is a form of drug that is used to restore the levels of iron in the body during a deficiency. The salt may also be used to prevent gastro-intestinal problems associated with iron deficiency.

One of the most important functions of iron in the body is in the formation of red blood cells. Iron is a component of haemo globin which is the oxygen-carrying pigment of red blood cells.


Product Name

Iron Fumarate






Orange Red to Brown Powder


2) Function

The fast absorption, high titer, can promote growth, increase price of feed, can completely or partly replace inorganic iron.

         A variety of enzymes involved in the body of the generation and activation, enhance the body's immune function, improve the anti-stress ability and disease resistance.

Is pretty ferrous sulfate in the intestinal absorption of several times, do not interfere with the absorption of other elements, and other metal elements role no antagonism. 

         Good compatibility with various nutrients, antibiotics, have synergy. Can effectively avoid adding inorganic iron of vitamins and other active substances. 

3) Application    

Ferrous fumarate is used to treat iron deficiency anemia (a lack of red blood cells caused by having too little iron in the body).

This medicine contains the iron salt, ferrous fumarate which helps restore iron levels in the body when levels are low. The ferrous fumarate salt may help reduce the chances of getting gastro-intestinal problems which are usually associated with other iron salts.

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