Glycerol Monolaurate

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1. Product Description


Glycerol monolaurate is an advanced food emulsifiers preservatives nowadays,exists in breast milk naturally ,and it is recognized as a fine food emulsifier internationally. Meanwhile, it is a safe, effective, broad-spectrum antibacterial agent. Its LD50> 10g/kg, is a non-toxic food additive. it has strong interaction in the common bacteria, fungi, yeast in food, and also can inhibit variety of viruses and protozoa.

Product Name

Glycerol Monolaurate




98%,99% HPLC


White to off-white crystalline powder


2. Function & Application


1) Good emulsifying, dispersing, stabilizing Properties: 
In the food processing oil-water separation often occurs, in order to improve product quality and prolong shelf life. Emulsifier is usually added during the procession, it will stabilize the mixed phase, and form a uniform emulsion. So that to avoid and prevent oil-water separation, stratification, precipitation happen in food and beverage.

2) Starch anti-aging effects: 
DMG can form complexes with protein and starch, and can form insoluble complexes with amylose starch to prevent the recrystallization after cooling to prevent the aging of starch retrogradation, making bread, cake, potato products and other starch-rich foods remain fresh and soft for a long time.
(3)To improve the fats crystallization:
Molecular distilled monoglycerides can orient in the surface of greese, control and stabilize greese crystallizing, especially in margarine, shortening and other oils and fats products, . It can also improve the plasticity and ductility to prevent the condensate layer and so on.

3) Sterilize, reduce inflammation:  
It has the ability to resist pathogenic microbial infection and is widely used in infant milk powder, rice powder and other products. It is also widely used in baked goods to improve the quality of rice noodles. It is a safe and effective broad-spectrum fungicide to inhibit HIV virus, cytomegalovirus, herpes virus, cold virus and a large number of bacteria and protozoa. Its antibacterial effect is not affected by pH and is superior to sorbic acid, benzoic acid, p-hydroxybenzoate, etc

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