Piroxicam Beta Cyclodextrin

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  • Brand: JHD Corp
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1. Product Description

Piroxicam - Beta -Cyclodextrin is adopted unique process route, press the certain proportion incude the pharmaceutical grade of Piroxicam with Pharmaceutical grade of beta cyclodextrin refined. The inclusion compound compared with piroxicam monomer, with lower smell, more stability, more smoothly drug release rate, etc., It mainly used in anti-inflammatory analgesic agent.


Product Name

Piroxicam Beta Cyclodextrin




 99% HPLC


Yellow/ White Powder


2. Function & Application

1)Piroxicam-Beta-Cyclodextrin is made by enwrapping medical piroxicam and medical beta-cyclodextrin in a certain inverse proportion with a unique art.

2)This inclusion compound has less odor, more stability and more stable medicine releasing speed than the single piroxicam.

3) Piroxicam-Beta-Cyclodextrin is mainly used in anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs. Piroxicam-beta-cyclodextrin is more useful in the medical.

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