Zinc Glycinate

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1. Product Description


Glycine Zinc is a high-tech product with the main ingredient of zinc glycinate chelate, which can be directly absorbed and utilized by human body. Compared with the secondary generation of food enrichment, such as zinc lactate and zinc gluconate, zinc glycinate chelate overcomes the disadvantage of low bioavailability. With its unique molecular structure, our product combines the amino acid and trace elements which are necessary to human body. It conforms to the mechanism and characteristics of human body. After taken by human, the nutrient elements will enter into intestinal mucosa and be absorbed rapidly within 15 minutes. Meanwhile, our product will not form antagonism with selenium, calcium, ferrum and other trace elements existing in human body. Moreover, it can balance the absorption of various mineral substances. According to the report of UK ALBION laboratory, bioavailability of the zinc glycinate chelate is 200% to 300% higher than ordinary zinc salt and 200% higher than methylpyridine zinc. Therefore, our product is particularly suitable for children, pregnant women, wet nurses, aged people and young couples who are ready to have babies. Besides, it is also an ideal product for complementing mineral elements.

Product Name

Zinc glycinate




Total: 98%,99%HPLC



White powder


2. Function & Application


1) Glycine Zinc can intensify in milk goods (milk powder, milk, soymilk etc), solid drink, corn health protection, salt and other food.

2) Chemical fertilizers used for industrial carbon dioxide removal of the solvent. The pharmaceutical industry mycophenolate tangled for the buffer, amino acid agent for the preparation of L-dopa and other drugs,  the food  industry  used as  seasoning  agent, saccharin,  though agent for the  brewing, meat  processing, preparation of cold drinks. In addition, the pH value can be used as a regulator and for the preparation of electroplating solution so. 

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