Ferrous Bisglycinate

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  • Brand: JHD Corp
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1product description


The main physiological function of ferrous glycine is to prevent and improve iron deficiency anemia. The absorption rate of ferrous glycine is very high, but also promote the absorption of calcium, zinc, seleniu and other elements, adding in food will not cause food taste. Iron deficiency disease has become a common disease, especially iron deficiency, mainly in pregnant women and children.


Product Name

Ferrous Bisglycinate






Dark brown or grayish green powder


2Function & Application


1.High bioavailability, 95% absorbed without gastrointestinal side effects;

2.Can be used for food, medicine, health care products and other industries. To prevent the body of iron deficiency anemia, improve physical fitness, improve the health of pregnant women during pregnancy, reduce

infant mortality.

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