Monascus Red

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1)product description


Monascus red refers to the liquid Monascus pigment obtained by extracting red yeast rice with ethanol or the product obtained by extraction, crystallization and purification from the deep culture solution of Monascus. Monascus red pigment is a traditional natural functional food pigment produced by the fermentation of Monascus in my country.
Monascus red is the only natural functional food coloring produced by microbial fermentation in the world, and it is one of the secondary metabolites of Monascus. Monascus red is a pure natural, non-toxic, safe and reliable natural powder obtained by using rice and soybeans as the main raw materials, drawing on the traditional red yeast production process in my country, through liquid submerged fermentation of Monascus mold and advanced modern biological separation technology. food coloring. Monascus red pigment is widely used in the coloring of sake, fermented bean curd, fish meat, soy sauce, cakes, candy, cold drinks and other food industries, and can also be used in the coloring of medicine and cosmetics. Therefore, it is worthy of vigorous application and promotion. Compared with other natural pigments, Monascus red pigment has the advantages of high purity, low price, strong tinting strength, good stability and anti-corrosion function, so it has great market competitiveness and very important practical significance.

Product Name

Monascus Red






Red powder


2) Function & Application

Red yeast is a major invention in ancient China. It has been used in food and medicine in the Song Dynasty, and it has been recorded in the Yuan Dynasty that red yeast has medical effects. For a long time, the research of most scholars at home and abroad has fully demonstrated that monascus pigment has extremely high safety and excellent stability among all known natural pigments. It is one of the natural pigments allowed by my country's food regulations. Research in recent years has further confirmed the health benefits of red yeast rice.
Monascus red, as a natural bright color, safe and stable colorant with certain health care effects, has been widely used in food (meat products, soy products, wine, fruit juice, beverages, candy, cakes), medicine, cosmetics and other industries. Especially in the sausage processing industry, the effect is very ideal for improving the grade of the product. In recent years, Japan has invented many patents on the application of monascus pigments, which is expected to develop new application fields of monascus red.


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