Locust bean gum 99%

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Locust bean gum occurs as a white to yellow-white powder. It consists chiefly of high-molecular-weight hydro colloidal polysaccharides, composed of galactose and mannose units combined through glycosidic linkages, which may be described chemically as galactomannan. It is dispersible in either hot or cold water, forming a sol having a pH between 5.4 and 7.0, which may be converted to a gel by the addition of small amounts of sodium borate. LBG is used as a thickening agent and gelling agent in food technology.




Locust bean gum 99% (99%)


1.Main applications in the food industry of Sophora bean gum to a large number of water-binding capacity, was used for dairy products and frozen desserts.
2.Often compounded with other thickeners used as thickeners, water retention agents, binders, emulsifiers, gelling agents.
3. With starch for corn sauce and seasoning to improve its texture. For cheese for flavor enhancers, extruded food agent.


1.Locust bean gum can be seen as a dietary fiber, control weight and treat diabetes and hyperlipidemia can be used as a diet food.
2.General the observed physiological functions of dietary fiber is a highly viscous fiber can be used as nutrients by adsorption with body, so easing digestion of nutrients in the intestine damage and creep, eventually leading to low level of nutrients to be absorbed.
3.Locust bean gum among the diabetes can reduce postprandial blood glucose and locust bean gum on the secretion of gastrointestinal hormones also has some influence.

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