Sodium Cinnamate

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1. Product Description

Sodium cinnamate is an important pharmaceutical intermediate, also known as sodium cinnamate. Sodium cinnamate is usually used as a food preservative because it is soluble in water.


Product Name

Sodium Cinnamate




 99% Min


 White Crystalline Powder


2. Function & Application

1) In the international market, sodium cinnamate is usually used as a raw material for essence and spices.

2) It is used to prepare artificial ambergris. It is used as a flavoring agent in oriental flavors, and also used as a flavoring material for soap, cosmetic and food fruit flavors.

3) It can be used to manufacture intermediates such as benzyl chloride, cinnamyl chloride, and cinnamamide.

4) It is also suitable for improving the cooling system and automobile resistance pad of various engine equipment, which is beneficial to long-distance use of automobiles.

5) Can also be used in pharmaceutical intermediates and cosmetics.

6) Sodium cinnamate is soluble in water and is a good food preservative.

7) This product can be used as a photosensitive material.

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