EU Stocks OEM Astaxanthin Softgel --Astaxanthin 4mg

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  • Brand: JHD Corp
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Astaxanthin is by far the strongest antioxidant found in nature by humans, and its antioxidant activity far exceeds the existing antioxidants.

Softgel is a way of capsule packing, and it is common in pharmaceutical and health-care food. It is usually made by putting the liquid medicine into soft capsule material. Soft capsule material is made by mixing gelatin, glycerin and any other appropriate accessory. Hard capsule is made by making the medicinal materials extract and well-proportioned powder or granule into empty capsule.


1.Enhance memory and improve language skills;

2.Regulation of Blood System;

3.Immune & Anti-Fatigue;

4.Protect eyesight and prevent myopia and amblyopia, restrain vision dropping and relieve eye strain;

5.Activate brain and furtherextend brain nerve,increase brain capacity.


Health care food

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