JHD Corp supply Rosemary extract rosmarinic acid 5%

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Rosemary extract is characterised by its content of carnosic acid and oil ,rosmarinic acid & Ursolic acid , the principal antioxidative agents.   Other antioxidant components present include triterpenes and triterpenic acids.   Rosemary extract is identified by the total content of carnosol and carnosic acid as a ratio of reference volatile compounds which are responsible for flavour.

JHD Corp supply Rosemary extract rosmarinic acid 5% (Rosmarinic acid 5%)


1. Natural antioxidants
2. Anti-aging
3. Reducing excess fat strongly
4. Treatment of cardiovascular disease and anticancer
5. Using as preservatives in food processing
6. Food additive in the cosmetics which keep hyaluronic acid maintaining in epidermis for a long time


As a fat-soluble natural antioxidant, can effectively prevent oxidative rancidity of oils and fats, inhibit the growth of various food contaminants, the structure is stable and difficult to decompose,can resistant to high temperatures of 190-240ºC, It's highly adaptable in foods such as baked foods and fried food,medicines or cosmetics, which require high temperature or high temperature sterilization,the effect is far superior to synthetic antioxidants,Widely used in oils and fats, food products,biomedicine, chemicals, cosmetics, health care products, pharmaceticals and feed industry, etc.

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