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Is the market potential of Ginkgo biloba extract powder great?

Ginkgo biloba extract flavone 24% is a kind of product enriched in active ingredients extracted from ginkgo leaves with appropriate solvents. It has various pharmacological effects such as dilating blood vessels, regulating blood lipids, protecting against ischemic damage and being anti-inflammatory. Ginkgo biloba extract can be widely used in medicine, health products, cosmetics, and other fields.

According to experts from the American Society of Medicine and Health Products, more than 130 countries around the world use Ginkgo biloba preparations, and the total sales of various Ginkgo biloba preparations, health food and cosmetics markets in the world will exceed US$12 billion in 2021. The annual demand for Ginkgo extract in the international market is 1000-1500 tons. The annual market sales of ginkgo extract in the world reach 7 billion US dollars.

At present, Germany, France, and the United States are the three major sales markets for Ginkgo biloba extracts. Among them, Germany and France are the first countries to extract ginkgo flavonoids and ginkgolides from ginkgo leaves.

China is the world's largest producer of Ginkgo biloba extract straight powder, and the industry's production capacity accounts for more than 50% of the world's total production capacity. In 2019, the output of Ginkgo biloba extract in China was 622.2 tons, and in 2020, the output of Ginkgo biloba extract was 660.2 tons.

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