Andrographis Paniculata Extract -- Andrographolide

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1) Product description


Andrographis paniculata is a herbaceous plant in the family Acanthaceae, native to India and Sri Lanka. It is widely cultivated in Southern and Southeastern Asia, where it is used to treat infections and some diseases, often being used before antibiotics were created. Mostly the leaves and roots were used for medicinal purposes.

Andrographolide is a labdane diterpenoid that is the main bioactive component of the medicinal plant Andrographis paniculata. Andrographolide is an extremely bitter substance extracted from the stem and leaves of the andrographis paniculata, which is grown for medicinal purposes in China and India. Research data suggest that andrographolide is an interesting with anticancer and activities and hence has the potential for being developed as a cancer therapeutic agent.


Product Name

Andrographis Paniculata Extract

Botanical Source

Andrographis paniculata (Burm. f.) Nees

Part of Used


Specification we can supply

1) Straight Powder (Normal & Organic)

2) Ratio Extract 4:1; 10:1; 20:1; etc (TLC)

3) Standard Extract: 10% - 98% Andrographolide (HPLC)


2) Function:

1. Andrographolide plays an important role in anti pathogenic microorganism function.

2. Antipyretic effect.

3. Anti-inflammatory effects.

4. Andrographolide has positive effect on organism immune system.

5. Andrographis has an obvious effect in termination of pregnancy.

6. Cholagogic effect and to protect liver.


3) Application:

1. Applied in health field, it is usually made into tablets, soft capsule, injectio, etc. to treat acute bacillary dysentery, gastroenteritis, cat fever, amygdalitis, faucitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, phthisis and so on.

2. Applied in animals field, it is made into pulvis to treat acute bacillary dysentery, gastro-enteritis and pneumonia of poultry and livestock.

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