Barberry Root Powder

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The barberry is a tall shrub with gray, thorny branches. Bright yellow flowers bloom in the late spring become dark, drooping bunches of red berries in the fall. Puckery but less bitter than cranberries, ripe barberries can be used to make jam. Both the berries and the bark are used in healing. Medicinal use of barberry dates back at least to the time of ancient Egypt, when it was combined with fennel seed to prevent plague. In Europe and the US, Barberry has been used as a bitter tonic, antipyretic, and antihemorrhagic. It has also been used in China in the same fashion, but also for its antimalarial qualities.

Native to Europe, the root of the barberry plant may yield health benefits when used medicinally. Always talk with your medical provider about the proper use and dosage of barberry root before you begin treatment with this supplement.

Function & Application

1.Extracts from barberry fruit appear to have natural antihistamine and antiallergy potential. 

2.See allergy fora list of herbs and nutrients that could potentially be helpful in reducing allergy symptoms. The common

3.Traditionally barberry has been used for liver and gastrointestinal disorders along with anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal activity.

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