Black Bean Extract 10:1 TLC

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Black Bean Extract


Black beans are black seeds of legume soybean (scientific name: Glycinemax(L.)merr). Black beans have a protein content of 36% and a fat content of 16%, mainly containing unsaturated fatty acids. Black beans are rich in vitamins, egg yolks, melanin and lecithin. Among them, B vitamins and vitamin E are very high, and black beans are also rich in Trace elements.


1.Improvement of Visual Sensation 

2.Facial Whitening; Anti-oxidant 

3.Improvement of Liver Function 



6.Cure vascular diease and anti-cancer 

7.Significant effect as a treatment of menopause syndrome 

8.Curing yin asthenia and dysphoria with smothery sensation, night sweat, dizziness and headache. 

9.Improvement of Blood Circulation,Enriching the blood and dispelling wind


1.Due to its high water solubility, it can be used in liquid preparation. 

2.Pharmaceutical raw materials 

3.Food and Drink for health care 

4.Due to its Natural coloring, it can be used in Candy and Jelly manufacturing. 

5.It also can be used in soft gel capsule and tablet processing.

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