Black Cohosh Extract 10:1 TLC

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1)product description


Black cohosh extract, also known as rattlesnake root, black snake root grass, is the rhizome extract of Cimicifuga Romose L. It is brown-black powder with antibacterial, antihypertensive, myocardial inhibition, slowing heart rate, sedative effects, and is mainly used for arthritis. , osteoporosis and other symptoms.


Product Name

Black Cohosh Extract

Botanical Source

Cimicifuga racemosa (L.) Nutt

Part of Used



Specification we can supply

1Straight PowderNormal &Organic

2)Ratio Extract4:1,10:1,20:1TLC

3)Standard Extract2.5%5%8%Triterpene glycosides HPLC


2) Function & Application

Main Function:
1. Owning estrogenic effect, thus improving symptoms of female climacteric syndrome and postpartum syndrome;
2. Antibacterial and anticancer;
3. Anti-rheumatism, alleviating muscle pain and spasm;
4. Decreasing the cholesterol and blood pressure;
5. Delaying aging, especially the aging of skin and visceral organ;

1. Applied in food field
it is widely used as functional food additive
2. Applied in health product field, it is widely added into various kinds of health products with the function of preventing rheumatism, adjusting estrogen level and so on.
3. Applied in cosmetics field, it is widely added into various kinds of cosmetics with the function of delaying aging.
4. Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is widely added into the medicine which can used in treating arthritis and postpartum syndrome.


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