Cardamom Seed Extract 10:1 TLC

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Cardamom is the dried, unripened fruit of the perennial Elettaria cardamomum, which is indigenous to India, Pakistan, Burma, and Sri Lanka. It is widely cultivated and important in world trade. It is considered a high-priced herb and used predominantly to flavor sweets, baked goods, and coffee, particularly in South Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Enclosed in the cardamom fruit pods are tiny, brown, aromatic seeds, which are both pungent and sweet to the taste. Cardamom pods are generally green but are also available in bleached white pod form. Whole pods and decorticated seeds with the outer hull removed are both available.


1. Cardamomin Powder can be anti-inflammatory.

2. Cardamomin powder can inhibit NO and PGE2 production from LPS- and IFN-γ-induced RAW cells.

3. Cardamomin powder can inhibit TXB2 production via the COX-1 and COX-2 pathways.

4. Cardamomin powder can Inhibits NF-κB activation via inhibition of IκBα degradation and phosphorylation, IκB kinase activation, and NF-κB nuclear translocation.

5. Cardamomin Powder can make skin whitening.


1. In the health food field as a food additive 

2. In the cosmetic field

3.  In the health care field

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