Catnip Powder Powder

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Nepeta Cataria is a nervous system "calmative" and used as a muscle relaxer. Catnip is known to calm the body and reduce restlessness, stress, tension and hyperactivity. For children, catnip can be highly effective incoping with ADHD. Since catnip is known to excite cats, this may seem a different use for the herbal remedy but it has a very calming effect on the ADHD brain. Catnip extracts contain chemicals the mimic the effects of valepotriates in Valerian. These chemicals may improve mental focus, reduce distractions and enhance learning retention. Catnip may also induce sleep, which may help to reduce hyperactivity and lack of focus.


1 Promoting Iymphocyte-blastogenesis.

2 Increasing coronary flow and myocardial contractility.

3  Lowering the level of blood lipids.

4 Inhibiting the growth of Bacillus tuberculosis and various kinds of fungi in vitro.

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