EU Stock Centella Asiatica Extract Asiaticosides 10%

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Centella asiatica (L.) Urban) perennial herbs, prostrate stems, slender, rooting on nodes. Alias "thunder male root", "tiger grass". It has been used for a long time in China, India, Madagascar and Africa, mainly for the treatment of skin and mucous membrane diseases. Centella asiatica, can increase the resistance of skin epidermis, specific anti-inflammatory, sedation, detoxification, detumescence effect. It can give the skin elasticity, strengthen the softness of the skin, delay aging, help the damaged tissue to heal and tighten the skin, known as the "all-rounder" of beauty care.

EU Stock Centella Asiatica Extract Asiaticosides 10% (Asiaticosides 10%)


1. Regulate immunity and improve blood circulation;
2. To promote the formation of collagen, can compact the skin, get rid of excess fat;
3. Protect skin tissue, promote wound healing, treat skin ulcers, such as refractory trauma, skin tuberculosis and leprosy;
4. Nerve tonic, can improve memory, reduce mental fatigue;
5. Diuretic laxative;
6. It can reduce blood pressure, treatment of liver disease.


1. Pharmaceuticals;
2. Cosmetics;
3. Ointment.

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