Chitosan Hydrochloride Powder Chitosan 90%

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1)product description

Chitosan is a product of n-deacetylated chitin. Chitin, chitosan and cellulose have similar chemical structure. Cellulose is hydroxyl at C2 position, chitin and chitosan are replaced by an acetyl and an amino group at C2 position, respectively. Chitin and chitosan have many unique properties such as biodegradability, cell affinity and biological effect, especially chitosan containing free amino group, which is the only basic polysaccharide in natural polysaccharides.

The amino groups in the chitosan molecular structure are more reactive than the acetylamino groups in the chitin molecule, which makes the polysaccharide have excellent biological functions and can carry out chemical modification reaction. Therefore, chitosan is considered as a functional biomaterial with greater application potential than cellulose.

Chitosan is the product of natural polysaccharide chitin removing part of the acetyl group, with biodegradability, biocompatibility, non-toxicity, antibacterial, anti-cancer, lipid-lowering, immune enhancement and other physiological functions. Widely used in food additives, textile, agriculture, environmental protection, beauty care, cosmetics, antibacterial agent, medical fiber, medical dressings, artificial tissue materials, drug slow release materials, gene transduction carrier, biomedical fields, medical absorbable materials, tissue engineering carrier materials, medical and drug development, and many other fields and other daily-use chemical industry. 

Product Name





Shrimp and crab shell 

DAC Grade

Above 85%USP



Specification we can supply

1)Food grade:Food additive,Bacteriostasis and preservation

2)Agricultural field:Feed additive and agricultural fertilizer

3)Medicine grade

4)Cosmetic grade



2) Function&Application

Food Grade:
1. Antibacterial agent
2. Fruit and vegetable preservatives
3. Additives for health-care food
4. Clarifying agent for fruit juice

Agriculture Grade

1. In agriculture, chitosan is typically used as a natural seed treatment and plant growth enhancer, and as an ecologically friendly biopesticide substance that boosts the innate ability of plants to defend themselves against fungal infections.
2. As feed additives, can inhibit and kill the harmful bacterium, improve animals immunity.

Industrial Grade

1. Chitosan has good adsorption characteristics of heavy metal ion, applied in treatment of organic wastewater, dye wastewater, water purification and textile industry.
2. Chitosan can be also applied in paper-making industry, improving the dry and wet strength of paper and surface printability. 

Carboxymethyl Chitosan
Carboxymethyl Chitosan is the higher ramification of chitosan, which have 100% water solubility, film forming ability, heavy metal chelation. It has been applied in advanced cosmetics, heavy metal chelating agent, drug sustained release agent, plant growth regulator agent , wastewater treatment, etc.

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