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Cinnamon Bark extract is prepared from the dry bark of the cinnamon (cinnamomum)lauraceae plants. cinnamomum is a genus of evergreen aromatic trees and shrubs belonging to the laurel family, lauraceae. The species of cinnamomum have aromatic oils in their leaves and bark.

Cinnamon polyphenols and flavonoids is the major ingredients found in cinnamon bark extract. Cinnamon extract is commonly used for kidney impotence, tonifying yang, and promoting blood circulation, cold-dispelling and relieve pain.

Cinnamon extract is an effective and non-toxic side effects natural medicine and has significance on human immune function, promoting blood circulation, enhancing coronary and cerebral blood flow, decreasing vascular resistance.


1.Antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, antispasmodic, and anti fungal properties that help to prevent infection by killing decay-causing bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

2.Thermogenic effect on the body as a traditional stimulant in Chinese medicine.

3. It's is helpful in supporting the digestive system, Cinnamon Extract helps break down fats in the digestive system, making it a valuable digestive aid.

4.It has effect on fevers and colds, coughs and bronchitis, infection and wound healing,

some forms of asthma, and even blood pressure reduction.


1.It is can be used in food field.

2.It is can be used in health products and pharmaceutical filed, prevent and treat various disease.

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