Cnidium Extract Osthole 98%

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Osthole is a substance extracted from the fruit of the annual herb Cnidium in the Umbelliferae family. Osthole is a coumarin compound. Cnidium is a native Chinese plant. Cnidium is a traditional Chinese medicine. It has been used for thousands of years, especially Used for skin diseases. It is a common ingredient in Chinese lotions, creams and ointments. Cnidium cnidii, an erectile herbaceous plant, and its main biologically active substance, Cnidium nidinium, have a mechanism similar to Viagra in penile tissue and hippocampus. The available parts of Cnidium are fruits, seeds and whole plants.


1. Osthole can be the dilation of blood vessels and anti-arrhythmic effect.

2. Osthole can calm and analgesic action.

3. Osthole is primarily used for the purpose of overcoming sexual malaise and strengthening sexual potency.

4. Osthole can warm the kidney to cure the failing kidneys,Male impotence,female sterility.

5.Osthole can be Resistance mutation and anti-cancer effects, resist allergy, strengthen immunological. 

6. There is certain effect to palace cold, cold dampness, vulvae eczema, woman Yin itchy, trichomonad sex vaginitis.


1. In medicine: Allantoin can promote cell growth, accelerate wound healing, soften keratin protein and other physiological functions, is a good healing agent for skin wounds and anti-ulcer drugs. It can be used to relieve and treat dry skin disease, scaly skin disorders, skin ulcers, gastrointestinal ulcers and inflammation, and has a good effect on osteomyelitis, diabetes, cirrhosis, and acne.

2. In terms of cosmetics: Since allantoin is an amphoteric compound, it can combine multiple substances to form double salts, with protection from light, bactericidal and antiseptic, analgesic and anti-oxidant effects, and can keep the skin moist, moisturized and soft. Cosmetic additives such as beauty salons are widely used in freckles cream, acne, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, shave lotion, hair conditioner, astringent, antiperspirant deodorant lotion and other additives. The allantoin-added cosmetics have the functions of protecting tissue, hydrophilicity, absorbing water, and preventing water from disintegrating; allantoin hair creams, hair creams and shampoos are added to protect the hair, and the hair is not bifurcated. Hair; lip balm and cream with allantoin can make skin, lips soft and elastic, and have beautiful luster. Allantoin promotes tissue growth, cell metabolism, and softens the stratum corneum protein.

3. In agriculture: Allantoin is an excellent plant growth regulator, can stimulate plant growth, significant increase in wheat, citrus, rice, vegetables, soybeans, etc., and there is a fixed fruit, early maturing effect

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