Fava Bean Protein Powder 90%

  • Brand: JHD Corp
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Broad beans are very versatile, edible, fertilizer, and feed, mainly for food. Fresh broad beans can be cooked and eaten directly, or processed into broad bean products. Broad bean products refer to products obtained through a series of specific processing or refining and extraction using broad beans as the main raw material. They generally also have the corresponding rich nutritional value of broad beans. Some broad bean products are even more comprehensive than the broad beans themselves. . Traditional broad bean products generally include non-fermented soy products and fermented soy products. There are various types of non-fermented soy products, such as spiced beans, jelly, noodles, and bean paste.


Function of Organic Fava Bean Protein Powder

Organic Fava Bean Protein Powder can delay arteriosclerosis.

Organic Fava Bean Protein Powder can lower cholesterol.

Organic Fava Bean Protein Powder can prevent cardiovascular disease.

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