Feverfew Extract Parthenolide 0.8% HPLC

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1. Product Description


Feverfew was native to Eurasia; Specifically the Balkan Peninsula, Anatolia and the Caucasus, but cultivation has spread it around the world and it is now also found in Europe, the Mediterranean, North America and China. Parthenolide, also known as fever chrysanthemum, is a familiar early perennial to ancient Europeans. Compositae is European origin of dwarf perennial herb. U.S.researchers recently found that a plant extract parthenolide can destroy acute leukemia cells on the development of great help.


Product Name

Feverfew Extract

Botanical Source

Chrysanthemum parthenium 

Part of Used


Specification we can supply

1) Straight powder(Normal & Organic)

2) Ratio Extract: 4:1, 10:1 , 20:1 etc(TLC)

3) Standard Extract: 0.8%, 0.2%-99%Parthenolide(HPLC)


2. Function & Application

1) Feverfew extract is effective on lowering blood pressure, lessen stomach irritation.

2) Feverfew extract can be used for treatment of migraine, rheumatic go far a variety of diseases.

3) Feverfew flower extract can be used for reducing renal pain, easing the dizziness and morning vomiting.

4) Feverfew flower extract has function of stimulating the appetite, improving digestion and kidney function.

5) Feverfew flower extract has the function of expelling wind and effectively,treating gastrointestinal pain and so on.

6) Feverfew extract has a strong anti-tumor activity, elimination of lead in acute and chronic myeloid leukemia stem cells, essentially to contain disease.

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