Horse Chestnut Extract Aescin 20%, 40%, 98%

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Horse Chestnut Extract has efficacy of antiinflammation and detumescence;it used to cure blood circulation disorder and rheumatism;Aesculus chinensis extract can be used in cosmetic products, because it has efficacy of inflammatory skin resistance.Horse chestnut is an astringent,antiinflammatory herb that helps to tone the vein walls which, when slack or distended, may become varicose,haemorrhoidal or otherwise problematic.

Horse Chestnut Extract Aescin 20%, 40%, 98% (Aescin 20%, 40%, 98%)


(1)Esculin has Anti-bacteria, Anti-cancer, Ease pain, Anti-arrhythmic, Anti-histaminic, Anti- cruor . Esculin is a glycoside composed of glucose and a dihydroxycoumarin compound.
(2)Esculin is a product of a coumarin derivative extracted from the bark of flowering ash (Fraxinus ornus).
(3)Esculin is used in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals with venotonic, capillary- strengthening and antiphlogistic action similar to that of Vitamin P.
(4)Esculin is a fluorescent dye that can be extracted from the leaves and bark of the horse chestnut tree. You'll need to shine a black (ultraviolet) light on the indicator to get the full effect.
(5)Esculin improved skin vasculature and is effective in the management of cellulitis.


(1)Health care field
(2)Food field

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