EU Warehouse Horsetail Extract

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  • Brand: JHD Corp
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China Inventory MOQ: 1kg
US/CA/EU Inventory MOQ: 25KG

Horsetail is an herbal supplement that contains the highest known content of silicon of any herb. Because of its silicon content, horsetail is well known in anti-aging beauty aids that are promoted by many of Hollywood's actors and actresses. Horsetail extract will also help you to heal quickly from conditions including sprains and torn ligaments, arthritis, tuberculosis and ulcers, and aid in maintaining healthy hair.


EU Warehouse Horsetail Extract (1) Straight Powder (Normal & Organic))

EU Warehouse Horsetail Extract (2) Ratio Extract: 4:1, 10:1, 20:1, etc (TLC))

EU Warehouse Horsetail Extract (3) Standard Extract: 1%-10% Silicone (HPLC) 70%-75% Silica (UV) 2%, 7%, 8%, 12% Silica Beta Sitosterol (HPLC))


1.It has particular diuretic activity and hemostatic action;
2.It has the function of treating diabetes and Chronic bronchitis;


1.Prevent osteoporosis, Helpful to Arthritis and atherosclerosis;
2.Stop the bleeding of wounds and promote rapid healing.

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