L-Arabinose Powder

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1product description


L-Arabinose is a naturally occurring pentose with a sweet taste and is widely distributed as a component of complex non-starch polysaccharides in plant cell walls and plant gums. As a low-calorie sugar-substituting sweetener, the relative sweetness of L-Arabinose equals to half of the Sucrose's.  Some research suggested that L-Arabinose selectively inhibit sucrose absorption and then inhibit the increase of blood sugar.

Furthermore, L-Arabinose is an intermediate in flavor industry for producing flavors, the derivates of L-Arabinose can be used in the development of antiviral agents such as nucleoside.


Product Name







White or off-white crystal


2Function & Application


1.L-arabinose can be used as a sucrose enzyme inhibitor to lower the Glycaemic Index(GI) of sucrose containing products

2.L-arabinose can be used in developing antiviral agents such as nucleoside analogues

3.L-arabinose can be used in various foods (except foods for infants or young children)

4.L-arabinose can be used as raw material for the synthesis of fine chemicals as well as pharmaceutical intermediate

5.L-arabinose can be used in preparing bacterial medium in biological industry

6.L-arabinose can be used in the synthesis of flavours

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