L-Methionine Powder

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  • Brand: JHD Corp
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1)product description


It can be listed as a food supplement with the main functions of antidepressant, liver protection, treatment of arthritis and so on. SAMe has become a popular high-grade special dietary supplement product in Europe and America.


Product Name







White crystals or crystalline powder


2) Function & Application


1. The bioavailability of animal feed supplement for livestock significantly better than other organic zinc.

2. Solve the problem of hoof crack for sows efficiently.

3. Increase the laying, fertilization, and hatching rates, improve the quality of eggshell.

4. Leads to the removal of rough and messy feather, obtaining bright feather. And decrease in cannibalism of pecking the plume and anus.

5. Increase feed intake effectively can improve animal growth and the resistance of disease. promote more nutrition

6.This zinc methionine can suplement animals nore nutrition healthy,can make the animals growth.

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