Manganese Citrate

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  • Brand: JHD Corp
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 1. Product Description

 Manganese Citrate is a trace nutrient, meaning that only small amounts are needed to maintain optimum health. Adult humans have no more than 20 milligrams (mg) in their bodies, which is concentrated in the bones, kidney, liver and pancreas. Manganese is used in many cofactors for a range of enzymes such as hydrolases, isomerases, lyases, oxidoreductases and transferases.

Product Name

Manganese Citrate




 99% HPLC

 28% Min Manganese


 Pale pink powder


2. Function & Application

1) Activates any enzymes and is a catalyst in fatty acid and cholesterol synthesis.

2) Important nutrient for brain and nervous system.

3) In blood sugar regulation and the production of mother's milk.

4) Good for none growth and is sex hormone.

5) Manganese nutrition enhancer.

6) Used in dairy products.

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