Mulberry Leaf Extract Flavone 3% UV

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1)product description

Mulberry Leaf is the dried leaf of mulberry tree (Morus Alba), which is cultivated in most parts of China. Mulberry leaf can be used for medicinal and edible purposes. Mulberry leaf buds can be cooked, and the whole mulberry leaf can be used as medicine. Modern clinical believes that mulberry leaf have a wide range of medicinal effects. The use of mulberry leaf and biological preparations of mulberry leaf can improve diabetes and various other diseases, such as eliminating eye fatigue, reducing swelling, treating insomnia, dysentery, athlete's foot, and lowering blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar, prevention of myocardial infarction and cerebral hemorrhage,etc.

Product Name

   Mulberry Extract

Botanical Source

Morus alba

Part of Used





Specification we can supply

1Straight Powder

2)Ratio Extract 4:1,10:1 ,20:1etcTLC

3)Standard Extract1% -3% Flavone UV

0.5-5% DNJ HPLC

30%50%Polysaccharide UV

5%-25%Anthocyanins HPLC


2) Function & Application


Weight Control.


Lower Blood Pressure.

Diabetes Mellitus. 


Health Care Products,

Food, Daily Necessities,


Functional Drink

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