Policosanol 99% (50% Octacosanol) Policosanol 99% (50% Octacosanol)

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Octacosanol/Policosanol (also Montanylalcohol, Policosanol, Koranylalcohol) is a a mixture of a few fatty alcohols derived from the waxes of such plants as rice bran and sugar cane, as well as beeswax.It contains about 60% octacosanol, followed by triacontanol. There is a much lower concentration of several other fatty alcohols: behenyl alcohol, lignoceryl alcohol, ceryl alcohol, 1-heptacosanol, 1-nonacosanol, 1-dotriacontanol, and geddyl alcohol. It is used as a nutritional supplement intended to lower LDL cholesterol ("bad" cholesterol) and increase HDL cholesterol ("good" or "healthy" cholesterol) and to help prevent atherosclerosis, though some studies have raised questions about the effectiveness of policosanol.
Octacosanol is the main ingredient of policosanol and it has a variety of pharmacological effects, and may help patients with Parkinson's disease. Studies found octacosanol may inhibit the production of cholesterol.



Botanical Name

Saccharum L.




90%~95% Policosanol,

10%~60% Octacosanol


(1)Improve the stress strength;
(2) Improve the reactive sensitivity;
(3) Used to improve the function of cardiac muscle;
(4) Reduce cholesterol, blood fat and systolic pressure;
(5) Used to strengthen stamina, vigour and physical strength;
(6) Promoting sex hormone, ease the pain of muscle.


(1)Health care field

(2)Food field

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