Prunella Vulgaris Extract

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1. Product Description 

Prunella vulgaris (scientific name: Prunella vulgaris L), aliases: Prunella vulgaris, Prunella vulgaris (Yunnan Series), Prunella vulgaris, Prunella vulgaris (Materia Medica in southern Yunnan), Xiku, Naidong (this classic), etc; It is a perennial herb with creeping rhizomes and fibrous roots on the nodes. The stem is up to 30 cm tall, with many branches at the base, light purple. The calyx is bell-shaped, the filaments are slightly flattened, the style is slender, and the apex lobes are subulate, curved outward. The face plate is nearly flat. Small nuts are yellowish brown, flowering from April to June, and fruiting from July to October.


Product Name

Prunella Vulgaris Extract

Botanical Source

Prunella Vulgaris L

Part of Used



Specification we can supply

1) Straight Powder (Normal & Organic)

2) Ratio Extract: 4:1, 10:1, 20:1 etc (TLC)

3) Standard Extract: Rosmarinia Acid 3% (HPLC)


2. Function & Application

1) diuretic effects: because of its high content of potassium salt.

2) lowering blood pressure effect.

3) anti-inflammatory effect: it enhances the synthesis and secretion of adrenocortical.

4) For treating intense fire in the liver channel, liver fire, conjunctival congestion, dizziness and headache, it is used in combination with the drugs for clearing liver-fire, and improve vision, such as capejasmine fruit and chrysanthemum flower. For treating deficiency of liver-yin, blurred vision, it is used together with wolfberry fruit and cassia seed to nourish liver and improve vision. 

5) For treating the scrofula caused by stasis of phlegm fire, it is used in combination with the drugs such as scrophularia root, oyster shell and kelp (laminaria) for softening and resolving hard lumps, resolving phlegm and eliminating scrofula. 

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