Pueraria Extract

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1. Product Description

Pueraria has been known for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine as ge-gen. The first written mention of the plant as a medicine is in the ancient herbal text of Shen Non (about A.D.100). In traditional Chinese medicine, pueraria is used in prescriptions for the treatment of thirst, headache, and stiff neck with pain due to high blood pressure. Puerarin is also recommended for allergies, migraine headaches, inadequate measles eruptions in children, and diarrhea. Puerarin is also used in modern Chinese medicine as a treatment for angina pectoris.


Product Name

Pueraria Extract

Botanical Source

Pueraria lobata (Willd.) Ohwi

Part of Used




Specification we can supply

1) Straight Powder (Normal & Organic)

2) Ratio Extract: 4:1, 10:1, 20:1 etc (TLC)

3) Standard Extract: 10%-98% Puerarin

                  40%-99% Isoflavones (HPLC&UV)


2. Function & Application

1) With the function of dilating blood vessels, increasing coronary blood flow, antithrombotic effect, inhibiting platelet aggregation, reducing blood viscosity and promoting blood micro-cycle.

2) It could reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, strengthening myocardial contraction force and protecting myocardial cell.

3) It is having effect of enhancing immunity and inhibiting cancer cell.

4) It is used in treating sudden deafness of each group.

5) Have the function of reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

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