Red Bayberry Extract Myricetin 80% HPLC

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Myricetin is a natural flavonoid found in many grapes, berries, fruits, vegetables, herbs, as well as other plants. Myricetin is isolated from the leaves of Vine Tea (Ampolopsis grossedentata) or the bark of Myrica rubra, in which the content of myricetin is especially high. Myricetin may very well be the antioxidant properties, clearing the body of free radicals. A Finnish study correlated high myricetin consumption with lowered rates of prostate cancer. It also has the function of lowing high cholesterol levels, lowing the neurotoxicity, affecting the activation and proliferation of lymphocyte, antagonism of platelet activation factor (PAF), reducing the levels of blood sugar and protecting the liver.

Red Bayberry Extract Myricetin 80% HPLC (Myricetin 80% HPLC)


1. Eliminate free radical, antioxidation,
2. It has pharmacological action of antithrombus, anti-tumor, cardiac-cerebral vessels protection, dephlogisticate and antibiosis,
3. Relief alcoholic poisoning, liver protection etc.
4. Heat-clearing and detoxicating, eliminating rheumatism, bones and muscles enhancer.
5. Myricetin have the action of astringent. Stimulant and emetic.


1. Applied in foods field.
2. Applied in cosmetics field.
3. Applied in health products field.
4. Applied in products as capsules or pills.

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