Royal Jelly Powder 10-HAD 6% HPLC

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Royal Jelly is a complicated ingredient bee products. It contains protein,fatty acid, saccharides,vitamin A,vitamin B1,vitamin B2,folic acid, pantothenic acid and inositol. It contains a material that is like acetyl choline. It also contains many kinds of amino acid and biological hormone which are needed of human body.
Royal Jelly chemical component is different because of different bees,age,seasons and staminate plant. Generally speaking,royal jelly contains water,raw protein, carbohydrate,lipid,minerals and some unsure materials.


Royal jelly powder




10-HDA 3%-6%

(1) Royal jelly moistens dryness and defecates significantly.

(2) Royal jelly can significantly enhance the body's resistance to a variety of pathogenic factors.

(3)Bee milk can strengthen the body resistance and promote growth,

(4)Long-term use of royal jelly can promote appetite and enhance physical fitness


(1)Health care field

(2)Food field

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