Sodium Citrate

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  • Brand: JHD Corp
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1. Product Description

 Trisodium citrate dihydrate, also known as sodium citrate, is an organic compound that has white to colorless crystals. Odourless, with a cool salty taste. Stable in room temperature and air, slightly soluble in wet air, weathering in hot air. Lose crystal water heated to 150 ºC. It is easily soluble in water, glycerol, alcohol and other organic solvents. It is decomposed by overheating, slightly deliviate in humid environment and slightly weathering in hot air.


Product Name

Sodium Citrate




 99% HPLC


 White to off-white crystalline powder


2. Function & Application

1) Sodium citrate is used as flavors, stabilizing agent, buffering agent, chelating agent, nutritional supplement of buttermilk, emulsifying agent and flavoring agent.

2) Sodium citrate can be used as anti-blood clotting, apophlegmatisant and diuretics.

3) Sodium citrate can replace sodium tripolyphosphate as a non-toxic detergent additives.

4) Sodium citrate can be used as Complexing Agent and Buffer.

5) Manganese nutrition enhancer.

6) Sodium citrate can also be used in brewing, injection, photography drugs and electroplating etc.

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