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1)Product Description

Talc powder is a household item, sold globally for use in personal hygiene and cosmetics. Some suspicions have been raised about the possibility that its use contributes to certain types of diseases, mainly cancers of the ovaries and lungs although the relationship is still largely a hypothesis and not scientifically proven.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health have set occupational exposure limits to respirable talc dusts at 2 mg/m3 over an eight-hour workday. One particular issue with commercial use of talc is its frequent co-location in underground deposits with asbestos ore, which often leads to contamination of powdered talc products with asbestos fibers. Stringent quality control since 1976 has mostly eliminated this issue, but it remains a continuing hazard requiring mitigation in the mining and processing of talc. A 2010 US FDA survey failed to find asbestos in a variety of talc-containing products.


Product Name







White Powder


2) Function& Application

Talc powder has properties of lubricity,viscous resistance, flowing boosting, fire resistance, acid resistance, insulativity, high melting point, inactive chemical reaction, good covering power, soft, good shining, good adsorptivity, it's mainly used in paint, coating, rubber, plastics, cable, ceramics, cosmetic, paper making and EVA shoes materials.

Ceramic:For industrial ceramic, architectural ceramic, ceramic and pottery glaze, high temperature does not change whiteness of Talcum powder, uniform density, good gloss and smooth surface.

Rubber, plastic, paint and other chemical industries: As the strengthening modified filler, it increase the stability of the product's shape, increase tensile strength, shear strength, flexural strength, compressive strength, reduce distortion, stretching, thermal expansion coefficient, high brightness, dispersion of uniform size.

Paper industry products:High whiteness,particle stability and low degree of wear, smooth, delicate, saving raw materials, improve the life of grease network.

Cosmetic: Talcum powder is high quality filler in cosmetics industry, containing a large amount of silicon element, it has an infrared blocking effect, thus enhancing the anti-UV and infrared properties of cosmetics.

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