Tricalcium Phosphate Powder

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  • Brand: JHD Corp
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1)product description


Tricalcium phosphate is a nutritional fortifier, mainly added in the food to strengthen the intake of calcium, at the same time, tricalcium phosphate can also be used as food anti-cementation agent, pH regulator, buffer, etc.  Such as flour anti - cementation agent (dispersant), milk powder, candy, pudding, seasoning, meat additives, animal oil refining additives, yeast feed, etc.  

In addition, as one of the daily calcium sources, tricalcium phosphate has the advantage of providing both calcium and phosphorus compared to other calcium supplements.  It is important to maintain a balance between calcium and phosphorus in the body, because both minerals are bone building materials, so supplements that do not achieve a balance between the two are often not effective.


Product Name

Tricalcium Phosphate




34%-40% Calcium


White Powder


2) Function & Application


In food industry, it is used as anticoagulant, nutritional supplement(calcium intensifier), pH regulator, buffering agent, anti-caking agent. It is used to make ceramics. And it can be used as dental adhesive, plastic stabilizer, polishing powder, syrup clarifier. It is also used in rubber and printing and dyeing industries. It is used as an acid making agent in medicine (used in patients with excessive gastric acid).  


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