Cordyceps Extract 10:1 TLC

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Cordyceps Sinensis extract is a product of active substances isolated and purified from cultivated cordyceps sinensis mycelium which has similar clinical efficacy to wild C.sinensis and less associated toxicity and is considered to be an alternative to the wild.There are over 680 documented species of the sac fungus genus Cordyceps, and one of the best known of these is Cordyceps sinensis, colloquially known as caterpillar fungus. Caterpillar fungi are the result of a parasitic relationship between the fungus and the larva of the ghost moth genus Thitarodes, several species of which live on the Tibetan Plateau.It is known in the West as a medicinal mushroom and its use has a long history in Traditional Chinese medicine as well as Traditional Tibetan medicine. Cordyceps sinensis extract nourishes the lungs and kidney, and tonifies the essence and vital energy. In traditional Chinese medicine,cordyceps sinensis is considered to benefit the lung and kidney channels. It is commonly used by the elder in China as a type of "super-ginseng" for rejuvenation and stamina.It can be used in the treatment of resisting arrhythmia, relieving inflammation and nourishing the kidney. Used for atria premature or ventricular premature beat, chronic nephritis and chronic renal insufficiency.

Product Name

Cordyceps Extract/Cordyceps Sinensis Extract

Botanical Source

Cordyceps sinensis

Part of Used

Sporocarp(100% Natural fruiting body)


Specification we can supply

1)Straight PowderNormal & Organic

2)Ratio Extract: 4:1,10:1 etc  TLC

3)Cordycepin and Cordycepic Acid

4Standard Extract:polysaccharide 10% 20% 30% 40% mycelium   UV,  polysaccharide 10% 20% 30% 40% sporocarp   UV




1. Enhancing the immunity
2. Restraining the tumor
3. Improving athletic performance by increasing energy
4. Protecting heart from anoxic diseases and arrhythmia
5. Being used to cure the chronic respiratory diseases and relieves asthma
6. Being used to cure the chronic disease of kidney, alleviate the kidney's injure
7. Strengthening marrow's ability of forming the blood platelet,erythrocytes and white cell
8. Debasing the cholesterin and Triglyceride the blood; also possessing anti-atherosclerotic function
9. Boosting libido and sexual function


1. Health care field
2. Food supplement

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