Zinc Citrate

Third Party Testing Report
  • Brand: JHD Corp
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1. Product Description


Zinc citrate is used as buffer,chelate agent,nutrient additive,emulslfier,flavor for yoghurt. and as preservative in syrup manufactured goods,buffer acidity in cold drink,prevent acid in dairy products,used as binder in cheese and minced meat,acid coagulant in jellies and jam,emulsifier and stabilizer,in cheese and ice cream.

Product Name

Zinc Citrate




99% HPLC

98% WITH 30% ZINC


White Powder


2. Function & Application


1) Zinc citrate is used as a food zinc fortifier, and the absorption effect is better than that of inorganic zinc.

2) Zinc citrate is used in paints, inks, rubber, plastics and art paints, etc.

3) Zinc citrate is used as a food additive

4) Zinc citrate is used in food, solid beverages, dairy Chemicalbook products, baby food, salt, toothpaste, health products, etc.

5) Zinc citrate is used for the treatment of children's growth retardation caused by zinc deficiency, protein-energy malnutrition (malnutrition), anorexia, pica, etc.

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