Zinc Picolinate Picolinate 99% Powder

Third Party Testing Report
  • Brand: JHD Corp
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China Inventory MOQ: 1kg
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Zinc is existed in many enzymes, which is important in the synthesis of nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates and the utilization of vitamin A. Zinc can promote growth, improve the taste, strengthen human body immunity, promote wound healing.


Zinc Picolinate







(1) Promote animal reproductive development, speed up production, and promote protein synthesis.
(2) Promote gonadal development, improve the quality of ovulation, promoting egg development, to improve reproductive performance.
(3) Reduce carcass fat, increased lean meat percentage, meat quality significantly improved.
(4) The fertilization rate and improve the breeder laying rate, improve egg quality, reduce the proportion of time eggs.
(5) Enhance immune function, improve anti-stress, reduce disease.


(1)Health care field

(2)Food field

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