• The efficacy and role of wakame extract

The efficacy and role of wakame extract

Wakame is a type of brown seaweed, which is a relatively advanced type of algae. Wakame is yellowish-brown or dark brown due to the content of lutein in cells exceeding other pigments. Wakame can not only be used as our daily food but also has high medicinal value because it contains a variety of special active substances that are beneficial to the human body.

In addition to protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, and other nutrients, wakame also contains active ingredients such as fucoidan and fucoidan polyphenols. Studies have shown that the active ingredients in wakame extract have various effects such as enhancing immunity, anti-oxidation, anti-virus, regulating blood sugar, lowering blood lipids, etc., and have very beneficial effects on human health. Therefore, wakame and brown seaweed are important medicinal and edible resources.

Applications of wakame extract:

The active substance of wakame needs to reach a certain concentration to exert its effect, which is difficult to achieve by ingesting wakame alone. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain a wakame extract with higher purity through extraction, separation, and purification, and then process it according to a certain formula as required.

At present, wakame extracts, such as fucoidan and fucoidan polyphenols, are mostly used in the production of healthy food. Among them, fucoidan is not only used as a food additive but also added to skincare and haircare products as a high-quality antioxidant ingredient. The feed added with fucoidan can effectively improve the immunity and production capacity of animals.

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